The Hottest Wife

I wanna be the hottest wife
For you, my only husband
Not only in our bed, but also in our heart
So you can take me whereever you are
And you don’t need to have another one*

I’ll try the new hot recipe in our kitchen
So you can taste my taste
Though you’re surrounded by another taste
And u’re not gonna tempted by the other taste
Neither you’re gonna taste another taste
Even my taste isn’t the best

I’ll try the new hot positions of making love,
Not the new ones of having sex
So I’ll give you the multiple kind of orgasms
Not only the multiple one#

I’ll stimulate you intelectually,
And of course physiologically
Not only whenever you want it
But also whenever I want it
Coz my hottest style can fire you up all the time

I’ll serve you but won’t surrender to you
Because my love to you isn’t sacrifice
I’ll give it to you with all my heart

Someday if they ask you about me
You won’t be confused then say, “She is a good wife.”
But you’d be proud to tell them,
” She’s my flame in my whole life,
She’s given the hottest things to make me flames”

–Inspired by the hot chat in the hot day 😁-

*Dans la culture patriarcale comme Indonésie, la pratique de la polygamie est courant.

#Multiple kind of orgasms not only the multiple one = pour accentuer que faire l’amour nous permettra non seulement d’atteindre un (ou plusieurs) orgasme biologique mais aussi d’autres types d’orgasmes et en multiple. Cette phrase a l’ but de déconstruire et reconstruire l’orgasme.

Illustration : Portrait d’Antoine Lavoisier et de sa femme, un tableau peint par Jacques-Louis David en 1788. Il représente le chimiste Antoine Lavoisier et Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze, son épouse et collaboratrice.



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